Posted on August 8, 2015


am I paranoid?

am I paranoid?

“what will people think about what i’m saying/ doing?”
“Did I do it correctly?”
“will they check every single details about what am I posting?”

These are the symptoms all the moderate-average people like us always give a think about when we want to do something good or out of our fields. When you want to talk or give opinion about something not related to your own-selves, and eventually you end up with nothing! “aahhh….. let it be…. I might be wrong…. people will know my limit/ stupidity”

But actually people out there don’t even give a damn look or thought about what you are thinking. Or if they did, they might think that yours are something to be weighed and be considered. Which later on at the end of the road probably could make a change even a small percentage! You don’t even know that either.

So why not, just ignore those whispering inside our head before trying. Because the first try is always the hardest and the first try only will lead you the the next step in your future life.

Don’t be paranoia. Be realistic to ourselves. Be good to people out there. Be the first to make changes. So that we’ll hold the better future insyaAllah. Do good or saying good thing are nothing to be afraid of, they’re something to be proud of!